The Stress-Free Solopreneur Online Course & Community


Does this sound like you?

You waste so much time on proposals that don't convert to sales

You do everything at once, working long hours just to get things done

You take on less than ideal projects and clients just to pay the bills

You're at capacity but not making the money that you desire

You're mostly firefighting, battling scope creep and handholding clients or team members

You want to grow but feel that your goals are out of reach

Each project is handled differently, depending on the client

You're the bottleneck. You need one or ten clones just to get through your current workstack

The result?

You feel stuck, like you can't get out of the chaos, and guilty for spending evenings and weekends on work when you want to have freedom for more of the things you love, with the people you love.
If this sounds like you and you're ready for the better that you deserve, but don't know where to start, I can help



21+ years expertise

...helping large corporates and small businesses to amplify their profits and time.

Over £2.5 million

...generated in total for clients by improving their business processes

40-100 hours per month

..saved per business owner by simplifying their business operations

What you'll learn & implement

I've put together an online program that I wish I had all those years ago when I was running my creative and process consulting businesses, and before I burnt out, twice.

This is a proven program where you will finally bring order to the chaos and grow your business without complex systems, processes and overwhelm. You’ll learn how easy it really is to build a business that gives you back more profit, more time and more freedom, by following this framework.

Here's a look at the modules.


Master Boundaries

Yes your clients are important, but so are you. Identify your boundaries when it comes to time and what's important to you. Incorporate this into your processes so that they can say no, so that you don't always have to. Learn to give the right amount of time to clients for the right types of calls, and protect the rest to make time for the things you miss out on right now. 


Track Leads

When you collect the right data, you cultivate new opportunities. When you don't, you miss out on  sales. You'll go through what information you need to capture, when, how, why and the best system for you to use.  You'll get more clarity on what tasks and strategies are wasting your time and what you need to do to fix them.


Magnetise Offers

Eliminate over-delivering and under-pricing with clearly defined scalable (and profitable) offers that attract, and solve the right problems of your ideal clients in the least amount of time, while disqualifying those problem clients that you most definitely want less of. 


Optimise Onboarding

A winning onboarding process not only builds trust from day dot with your client, but it puts you back in the driving seat by setting the scene of how you will work together. It avoids expensive delays and makes for a great start to your relationship, which means great testimonials and more potential work


Manage Tasks

You'll learn how to manage and track the tasks back to what was agreed to avoid changes creeping in at a cost to you. Keep your projects profitable and stress-free.


Streamline Processes

You'll learn to select the right tools that bring all the work you've done into a simple process that gets you back time and money so you can focus on growing your business with more ease. You'll be able to create simple checklists that make delegating, training and outsourcing stress-free


What's included

Get 21+ years of Sonal's expertise that's helped her and countless business owners achieve more freedom with healthier boundaries, simpler systems and processes to support their goals, distilled into a simple framework for your business

  • 6 modules - 60+ videos lessons with templates, assignments and workflow guides 
  • 12 months unlimited access plus future updates
  • Submit questions at any point of the program to Sonal directly with a 48 hour response time 
  • Master Boundaries
  • Track Leads
  • Magnetise Offers
  • Optimise Onboarding
  • Manage Tasks & Projects
  • Bring it all together to create a streamlined and stress-free process

If you're a busy, ambitious solopreneur who's overwhelmed with everything you have to do, this is for you.



Create simple, profitable workflows and processes that help you to grow and scale your solopreneur business. 

I call B.S. on the "automate and outsource everything" brigade. It's YOUR business, you decide what your role will be, how much you want to grow or scale - there's no right answer. 

But there is a wrong one. And that's you using up all your time on things that can be done in 10 minutes, or not at all. 

In this course you'll learn how to simplify your tasks and offers. You'll then create  simple processes and workflows that tie it all together before you find the best possible tools suited to you, your industry and your business needs.

Whatever your goals are, your business should be making you money and freeing up your time so that you can do more of what you love, and bring in the things you miss having time for. 

Simplify first - outsource the right things later. 

This course is for solopreneurs who are coaches, consultants, strategists or healers and in the following industries: 

  • Strategic, Digital, Content or Social Media Marketing
  • Brand Strategy, Branding & Design 
  • Web design/development & SEO 
  • Holistic, esoteric & energy healing 

Your Instructor

Meet Sonal Bhaskaran

Sonal has been improving how businesses work to increase their profit and time since 2000. Working with high profile companies such as Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Barclays, Coutts Private Bank, UBS and PWC amongst many others, she set up her own businesses in parallel, in jewellery design.

Her jewellery has featured in Vogue Italy & UK, Grazia UK & India, Elle, Harpers Bazaar and on the likes of Rita Ora and Taylor Swift.

A self-confessed process geek with a huge creative streak, she was always drawn to fixing the things that needlessly lost companies millions, that no-one wanted to touch.
Business processes.

Hiring people in marketing, branding, PR and design for her own brands, Sonal saw that, whilst incredible in their niche, their slow processes lost them profit and peace of mind. This, coupled with her process expertise and her own solopreneur struggles, led her to form 5S Projects and her  programs.

She is now a Business Process & Project Management Strategist as well as a Transformational Coach who helps solopreneurs, consultants, strategists and agency owners speed up their processes and make better business decisions to attract more of the right clients, without the fear of burn out and missing out on life.

Everyone over-complicates and underestimates the make-you or break-you power of simple processes and systems. And the immense money-making opportunities that lie within them.

Sonal has helped clients generate over £2.5m in total and get back at least 40-100 hours a month. Doing things better and faster, they have more freedom, control and time to become even greater.


Trusted By...

This isn't for everyone

If you're ready and tick all the  boxes below, we're ready and waiting to help you on your journey


✅ You're a solopreneur in a service based business

✅ You've been in business and actively trading for at least 12 months

✅ You already have a client base and revenue from existing services

✅ You don't want to be the bottleneck in your own business anymore

✅ You have an open-mind and are willing to be challenged

✅ You want to increase your capacity for more business

✅ You understand this is NOT a quick fix

✅ You will set aside to putting in at least 2 hours a week to do the assignments 

✅ You're committed and ready for the better that you deserve



Become A Stress Free Solopreneur


Self-study course

  • 6 modules drip-fed every 10 days
  • 60+ videos lessons with templates, assignments and workflow guides 
  • 12 months unlimited access plus future updates
  • Submit questions at any point of the program to Sonal directly with a 48 hour response time 
  • Master Boundaries
  • Track Leads
  • Magnetise Offers
  • Optimise Onboarding
  • Manage Tasks & Projects
  • Bring it all together to create a streamlined and stress-free process


But I don't want to do this on my own...


Upgrade me to VIP

I'm confident that Simply Scaled will help you to achieve growth for you personally as well as for your business because it has for many others already. I also expect you to be fully committed to investing your time and effort. If you do not feel that the 2 day intensive has helped you or your business, you'll get additional 1-2-1 sessions to get you there at no extra cost to you.

This is not a quick fix. Results will only occur if you implement what we do together during the 2 days, but I'll be on the journey with you to make it fun, and more importantly, manageable and successful for you and your business

  • Everything in Self-Study ($695) PLUS: 
  • 12 months access to the private community on Circle (normally $640 per year)
  • Weekly Office Hours Community Call via Zoom with Sonal for live consulting and coaching on your challenges
  • Live Trainings
  • Direct access to me via the Community Platform
  • Community of other solopreneurs so you don't have to feel like  you're on your own 
  • Save with the VIP Self Study & Community Bundle (Bought separately this costs $1,335 - Save $360)
  • Special members price for all future 121 consulting sessions as a member of the private online community (30% off - saving $450 per session) 



One time payment




One time payment


I've been where you are now...


To get that better life or better business, things need to be made:

👉 Simple
👉 Repeatable
👉 Flexible

I’m Sonal, a Business Process Strategist and Transformational Coach for solopreneurs and founders, and I’ve been streamlining large corporates as well as small businesses for over two decades.

It hasn’t always been easy. I was a solopreneur with multiple businesses who was overcoming years of complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I used to think being successful meant putting everyone else first. I was a devout people-pleaser with a martyr mentality, thinking that’s what would get me ahead.

But I felt overwhelmed, lost, and alone.

Until one day, it all caught up to me and I had a huge breakdown.

I’d made over £2.5m for clients, got them back over 100 hours per month. But while simplifying their lives, I’d complicated my own.

Instead of giving up, I realised no-one was coming to save me, so took ownership of my own life and businesses.

✔ I asked for help - and kept asking
✔ I found the right problems to fix
✔ I gained confidence to say NO to what and who didn’t serve me

It allowed me to:
💥Run my business as a 3 day week
💥Bring in 20k per month
💥Create a business that worked for me
💥Have more of the clients I loved to work with
💥Help many more businesses do the same

This is what I learned:

🔷️No-one will help you if you don’t ask or commit to making the changes.
🔷️ If you don’t set boundaries, other people will make you live your life their way
🔷️ The state of you is the state of your business: If you personal life is a mess - so will your business be. 

What got me and countless business owners from going nowhere fast to building a scalable business without burning out is what can get you out of it too.


Shaian Nouri

Strategic Growth Marketing Consultancy

I had a great experience with Sonal as she guided me through frameworks to simplify my work.

She helped me delegate, streamline & automate. I would recommend this to anybody – it’s an investment that will pay itself .

Simon Hutchings

Branding & Design Agency

“Our business processes were really just in my head, when time was tight they weren’t followed, leaving me with doubt as to whether I’d missed anything out.

Sonal was brilliant to work with, she really got under the skin of my business to connect the dots to make them (processes) more efficient.

I was more efficient and as we plan for growth, we have the ability to outsource and scale more easily”

Richard Gibbons

Digital Marketing Agency

"You put together an incredible package which has transformed how my business gets results.

Your changes have doubled my clients results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.”

Nick Othen

SEO Agency

“One of the biggest challenges I faced was working out a pricing structure that is both competitive and reflects what I am worth. 

After working with Sonal, I now have a simplified service offering with tailored packages to suit my clients needs with a developed price matrix structure.

My profit margins have increased dramatically.”

Adam Cockerill

Web design & Development Agency 

"I was at a point in my business where I was looking to scale and expand but lot of the structure and processes were in my head.

I needed someone to help put all that in to streamlined processes and procedures, she helped with so much more and went above and beyond.

She supported me with my role and helped me take time off and is available to support as things come up.

I referred her to one of my clients who she did an absolutely incredible job for.

Highly recommend a chat with Sonal and see what she can do for you and your business.”

Jessica Cohen

Social Media Management Agency

"Sonal was an absolute pleasure to work with. She helped me identify areas of my business that could have been streamlined and helped me refine my processes in order to be most efficient and beneficial for growth and development.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her, incredible service and such a lovely person to work with!”


Al Tepper

Strategic Marketing & Coaching Agency

"Over the years I’ve seen plenty of deployments and none of them went very well. I’ve seen consultants talk about “things” on a very expensive day rate and very little happened as a result.

But Sonal is different.

What she has done is taken a very cynical operation, that’s focused on strategy only and doesn’t want to get bogged down in mundane and boring details. And she has blown our minds in a number of ways. 

First of all, she has sped us up dramatically, I’ve never seen this level of care. She focuses on making the company change its mindset around systems, data and processes. 

She’s helped us to understand what matters greatly more to our customer because she’s asked us difficult questions at the right times. The result is clear, very clear and simple processes.

Where would my business be without Sonal? I would still be overwhelmed and anxious about where the growth could come from because we were at capacity.

If you haven’t spoken to Sonal yet, trust me, it will be one of the most valuable calls of your life”

Luke Nevill

Strategic Growth Marketing Consultancy | FB Ads Strategist

“Too many businesses/people are doing repetitive tasks that end up taking majority of your time (these tasks compound over time). – onboarding – training – data entry – data analysis

However for efficiency you need to be in in a place that can be creative and productive allowing growth and momentum to build.

For example, when I start with a new client I would create the new folders, client brief, reporting sheets, clickup tasks for team and so on. Now I fill in one form and Voilà all sorted.

She helped to brainstorm  these processes to make them more efficient/logical.

In my case I’m already very systems oriented however Sonal managed to help me take things back to basics and work on my ICP. I know the importance of my clients ICP, but being human I neglected this myself.

We worked on who, what, where, why and how. This helped improve my systems further (because things became repeatable and relatively automated). I’d recommend connecting with her”

Olly Church

Mental Health & Corporate Wellbeing Training

As a small business, we were facing many of the typical challenges – plenty of activity with some structure but wondering where the weeks were going. 

Mid-pandemic we realised that we should be making significant changes to our business model but knew that we would benefit from someone guiding us through the changes we knew we had to make. 

We then met Sonal and very quickly we knew that we would benefit from having her by our side as we made these changes. Instead of feeling like a consultant, she felt like an extension of our team – taking the time and making the effort to get to know us and our business. 

Sonal works with just the right combination of reassurance, guidance and challenge in a way that has really helped to shape our thinking and turn an idea into a growing reality. 

We are now at the point of launching our new business model into the unknown – it’s still early days but without Sonal by our side, we may still be going round in circles. 

Thank you Sonal for helping us get to the start line in a timely and orderly fashion and for offering to always be on hand to call on when we feel lost. 

We would certainly recommend Sonal and the Stress-Free Solopreneur process – it has certainly made a big difference for us"

Sarah O'Donoghue

Online Business Management Services

“My business was growing quickly and I didn’t have any processes. My pricing wasn’t where it needed to be and I was overwhelmed with the thought of it all. 

Sonal gave me a new pricing structure and onboarding processes and suggestions to scale the business!  I implemented these immediately.
The business has grown from just me to 9 people and having all the right processes and resources in place to support me has meant I can put all my focus into business development and account management.
 All this in 2 months!”

Not for you? 

Join the self-study & community program 


Total value is: $8,100

Your price is just: $978


You get lifetime access to the online course, bonuses and all future updates PLUS your own editable workbooks and:  

  • 12 months access to the Design For Life community with around the clock support + access to Sonal: $8,100
  • Alumni special pricing for ongoing access to the Design for Life community with around the clock support + access to Sonal: 
  • More freedom and profit in your business: priceless  

Self Study & Community


One time payment

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